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[Closed to Quinn Fabray] Pictures of you, pictures of me...

Who: Kurt Hummel and Quinn Fabray
Where: Bungalows @ The Resort
Time of Day: Just after sunrise
Open or Closed: CLOSED

Kurt Hummel was sitting out on the balcony of the bungalow he shared with old friend (and current fag hag), Quinn Fabray. A large photo album was lying open on the outdoor table and he swirled a thick gold band around the tip of his finger on top of the glossy page as he stared off out at the waves of the beach. With his other hand, he brought a glass of amber liquor with ice to his lips and took a long sip. He couldn't believe he had been on this damn island two years, and he couldn't believe he was stuck here.

The triple shot of straight scotch was strong, and burned his tongue and the back of his throat as he swallowed. The ice tinkled against the side of the glass as he set it back down on the table and then grabbed up a packet of cigarettes from nearby and was soon lighting one up, blowing a stream of smoke off to the side absentmindedly. Some days, he stupidly entertained the notion of getting out of this place, but it wasn't going to happen. Then he entertained the idea of someone coming here to him, but he had given up hope of that happening too. Initially, he had booked himself to the brim with appointments for fashion consults that day, but now it was here, he wasn't sure he could face trying to convince trumped up women with fake boobs that they looked fabulous in a string bikini, so he cancelled all of his appointments, pleading a terrible case of food poisoning. He would try and sleep the day away if he could, but his mind wouldn't switch off. So getting drunk and getting lung cancer was the next best thing.
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Quinn was dressed for work already, but she was more than aware than Kurt had been awake all night. The light had been streaming in under her bedroom door, and she had heard him a few times in the bathroom when he got home from work at Aquatic Chaos, even if it had been his early finish last night. Something was up. He had been bitching her out snappily for no real reason for days. She was just in his line of fire, so she copped it. She sat down in the chair beside him, coffee in hand, as her hazel eyes landed on the booze. "Kurt! Are you serious? You're drinking at six am... and smoking? For god's sake," she scolded and took the cigarette from his fingers and stubbed it out on the table.

"Okay, Hummel. Spill. What is biting you? I keep telling you that you're in serious need of a lay, and now I'm going to emphasise that point. What is going on with you?" she demanded with a bitchy glare of her own.
"And I keep telling you I'm married," Kurt bit out through gritted teeth. He watched as she stubbed the cigarette out and then unceremoniously snatched the packet back up to light a replacement. He cupped his hands around the end of of the cigarette so the seabreeze wouldn't interrupt the flame of the lighter and then both were thrown across the table. The smoke was blown out more roughly this time, and he picked up his drink to down the last of the liquor in it in one gulp.

He knew that it wasn't going to do any good getting angry at Quinn. He was misdirecting and she really was in his line of fire. They often copped each other's bad moods, and it was easy for him to forget that this Quinn here wasn't the one who had been his bridesmaid at his wedding. She didn't even know Blaine. That was a seriously hard part for Kurt right now. She wouldn't understand, no matter how much he tried to explain.
Quinn put her hand over Kurt's with a soft squeeze. "Kurt, honey... it's been two years. You've got a really long time on the island ahead of you. You can't spend it forever alone. I know you miss him, and he sounds amazing. He sounds just like your perfect match and just the kind of guy you always deserved to have, but you can't wait for him. He might never come, and if he does, he might not even be the Blaine that you know and fell in love with. This place has its own agenda and we're just all pawns. I'm not going to push you, but please at least talk to me. What's the matter, babe?" she coaxed, and was seriously considering calling in sick to work herself just so she could sit and keep him company. She just wasn't sure company was what he wanted if he was drinking and smoking at 6am. This was very serious business.

She listened to the water lapping on the nearby shore and watched him for a few moments. He looked tired and drawn, and paler than usual, if that was even possible. All this time on the island and he still only had a faintly pale-almond sunkissed look to him. He never really tanned and suffered (loudly and bitchily, she might add) from sunburn if he wasn't careful. She would wonder why he had been sent to the island in the first place if she didn't know it was the lesser of two evils to being dead.


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Kurt rubbed the back of his neck and then ashed his cigarette over the rail of the balcony as he slowly wet his lips. It was only after another puff of the cigarette that he finally answered. "It's two years," he began with a brief glance at her before he looked out at the aquamarine ocean with a frown. "Today would have been our two year anniversary... back in normal time back there, I mean. If I hadn't... you know..."

"I miss him, Quinn. I miss him every single day... every single hour. He was everything to me and we were going to be so happy. The next thing I knew I was here, and he wasn't. That was two years ago and I don't care how long it's been. He's my husband and I'm married. I have never stopped love him, it hasn't even faded. There is never going to be anyone else. I just wish every single night before I go to sleep that he will be sent here to me. I don't care if he doesn't even know me, or it's a different him. To just see him one more time..." Tears filled his eyes but he blinked them back. He held the cigarette between his middle and index fingers, and with his thumb and pinkie, picked up his wedding band and slipped it back onto his left hand. "I'd give anything to just hold him again."