Remy "Gambit" LeBeau (dontdotricks) wrote in etrelibre_rpg,
Remy "Gambit" LeBeau

[Closed to Rogue] Island in the sun

Who: Rogue and Remy
Where: Hors de Prix Strip Club
Time of Day: Just after sunrise
Open or Closed: Closed

For some reason, it had been an extremely hectic night at Hors de Prix, but Remy knew it had to be the fact that it was one of Mike's nights. That guy knew how to move and he always pulled an extra healthy crowd. That meant it was a long night for Remy and rather than getting away around 2am, he was still at the club now at sunrise. He was sitting at the bar of the now closed club with a glass of absinthe and a cigarette in hand as he finished off some paperwork. There were a few staff still littered around the club, but most people had filtered out. Tomorrow should be a lot quieter, so he wouldn't have to rush in the following evening.

He was just finishing off a cigarette when he heard high heels clicking across the polished floorboards of the club and he looked up to find Rogue waltzing in purposefully, handbag slung over her shoulder. One glance at her outfit and he knew she hadn't been home yet either. It was rare for her to make it home after him, so particularly strange considering the hour. He watched her body appreciatively as she moved closer to him and then quirked an eyebrow with a smirk. "Late night, mon amour? Now it can't be because any of your patrons were hitting on you," he added in amusement.
Tags: [character] remy lebeau, [character] rogue, [place] hors de prix, [post] closed, [ship] rogue/gambit
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