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être libre rpg
your escape...
Smoke close (Fingers)
Who: Rogue and Remy
Where: Hors de Prix Strip Club
Time of Day: Just after sunrise
Open or Closed: Closed

For some reason, it had been an extremely hectic night at Hors de Prix, but Remy knew it had to be the fact that it was one of Mike's nights. That guy knew how to move and he always pulled an extra healthy crowd. That meant it was a long night for Remy and rather than getting away around 2am, he was still at the club now at sunrise. He was sitting at the bar of the now closed club with a glass of absinthe and a cigarette in hand as he finished off some paperwork. There were a few staff still littered around the club, but most people had filtered out. Tomorrow should be a lot quieter, so he wouldn't have to rush in the following evening.

He was just finishing off a cigarette when he heard high heels clicking across the polished floorboards of the club and he looked up to find Rogue waltzing in purposefully, handbag slung over her shoulder. One glance at her outfit and he knew she hadn't been home yet either. It was rare for her to make it home after him, so particularly strange considering the hour. He watched her body appreciatively as she moved closer to him and then quirked an eyebrow with a smirk. "Late night, mon amour? Now it can't be because any of your patrons were hitting on you," he added in amusement.
Gloomy [Look down]
Who: Kurt Hummel and Quinn Fabray
Where: Bungalows @ The Resort
Time of Day: Just after sunrise
Open or Closed: CLOSED

Kurt Hummel was sitting out on the balcony of the bungalow he shared with old friend (and current fag hag), Quinn Fabray. A large photo album was lying open on the outdoor table and he swirled a thick gold band around the tip of his finger on top of the glossy page as he stared off out at the waves of the beach. With his other hand, he brought a glass of amber liquor with ice to his lips and took a long sip. He couldn't believe he had been on this damn island two years, and he couldn't believe he was stuck here.

The triple shot of straight scotch was strong, and burned his tongue and the back of his throat as he swallowed. The ice tinkled against the side of the glass as he set it back down on the table and then grabbed up a packet of cigarettes from nearby and was soon lighting one up, blowing a stream of smoke off to the side absentmindedly. Some days, he stupidly entertained the notion of getting out of this place, but it wasn't going to happen. Then he entertained the idea of someone coming here to him, but he had given up hope of that happening too. Initially, he had booked himself to the brim with appointments for fashion consults that day, but now it was here, he wasn't sure he could face trying to convince trumped up women with fake boobs that they looked fabulous in a string bikini, so he cancelled all of his appointments, pleading a terrible case of food poisoning. He would try and sleep the day away if he could, but his mind wouldn't switch off. So getting drunk and getting lung cancer was the next best thing.
8th-Feb-2010 11:04 pm - A job equals stability
She'd walked into the Four Sands Cafe and asked about a job after accepting (and being told many times by Jack) that she'd be here for longer than a couple of weeks. He couldn't give her a definite time she'd be here, so she now found herself moving around tables, balancing plates in numbers she never had before.

"Is there anything I can get for you today?"

2nd-Jan-2010 11:37 pm - Memory can be a Blow
She'd found out where her room was and climbed the inside steps at the resort, glad for Jack's directions to the hotel, even though he'd walked her there, saying again he wouldn't let a hysterical woman alone on her own. It had made Katherine smile, and as she'd said goodbye and thank you at the entrance, she'd been glad for the company.

OOC: I don't know if it is just my browser, but it is showing both the open and closed tags. This post is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

A sign in the lobby had said the names and rooms, and so Katherine started up the stairs to the first floor.Collapse )
29th-Dec-2009 07:08 pm - Sing a Song - OTA
Captain John has returned to the island for some much needed warmth - the weather in the real world is bloody insane!

He's been digging in his heels about finding a job, but he's serious this time! Word is on the street there's a Karaoke bar and John's aaaall about the karaoke.

Working behind the bar, working the karaoke machine...it's all good for him!

And the Karaoke Bar must be desperate because they actually give him the job! And he didn't need to threaten violence or make up references or anything.


Now he's strolling down Beach Street, congratulating himself and ready to tell anyone that he runs into of his success!
2nd-Dec-2009 08:19 pm - [OTA] A little early for mistletoe?
Scratch head [Vest]
Rob was standing, stunned, out by the pool of the resort having just experience a very large woman come up and lay a wet, enthusiastic lipstick kiss on his cheek, followed by a ruffling of his hair as she told him his ass looked good in these jeans like a soldier's should. It was only when she winked at him and pointed upwards that Rob realised he had accidentally paused under a sprig of mistletoe dangling off one of the strings of fairy lights strung up as decoration. He didn't even know the woman, but clearly on the island anything went.

He felt his cheeks heat up a little and he hastily side-stepped out from under the mistletoe's line of fire, shoving one hand into the pocket of his jeans and using his other to try and get rid of the thick lipstick remaining on his cheek. What the hell? It was barely even December! Friggen mistletoe and scary ladies in muu-muus. She nearly knocked him off his feet with the force of it! And how did she know he was a soldier? Oh right. Dog tags. Being dead, he obviously wouldn't go back to being a soldier again, but he hadn't managed to bring himself to take them off yet.
30th-Nov-2009 03:03 pm - After Hours [OTA]
slayer (s5)
The club had closed a while ago, but Buffy was still there. Actually, she found it kind of nice. Like her own little world on the island. It was easier being alone. She never liked it, but she was coming to the conclusion that it was easier. No messy flirting, no messy crossed signals. No worrying about starship captains and her sister-in-Slayage.

No little surprises.

Buffy also realised her sleeping patters had been so incredibly wrecked over the years that more often than not she found herself face down on a pillow during the middle of the day, or just running on very little sleep.

She continued to push the broom across the floor, her own music now blasting through the speakers instead of something the DJ had cooked up. The doors had been left opened, but she figured the lack of crowd and lack of anything going on would tip people off to it not being open. She just liked the island breeze coming through the doors and making the place smell like the ocean.

Buffy spun around with the broom, half-dancing, half-fighting before the bristles touched back down and she continued to clean up.
Katherine Reimer sat at the kitchen table in her flat in London, a few sheets of paper, a pen, and an addressed envelope in front of her. She had been intending to write a letter for the past half hour and had got nowhere. How exactly were you supposed to tactfully ask a person if the other half of their personality was still around?

Dr Jackman, or Tom, actually, as he had signed off in his letter to her two weeks ago, hadn't called or written, not that she had expected him to. She had hoped for some word to say that all was well, that Tom and his wife Claire and their two boys, Harry and Eddie, were OK. She had got nothing.

So in trying to get to the question, she wandered, saying that she was fine, hadn't picked up any work yet, and was sure she would be bored if she had. The flat was clean, she had seen to that, and it was ready for whatever Tom chose to do with it. The chair she had pulled apart and taken to the dump.

Finding that talking about different things led to the question that she wanted to ask everytime, she went ahead and asked it. Asked if he still had Hyde, or if there was only him.

Signing off, she put the letter into the envelope and found a stamp hiding near the kettle. A walk to the letterbox at the corner took no time at all, but she remembered there was a box from the flat that she hadn't gone through yet, odds and ends, like cups and tea bags.

Pulling the box into the living room, Katherine sat down on the floor and upended the box. A CD cover with bright colours caught her eye, and so she pulled it out of the pile, finding it to be a CD titled 'The Lion King and other Disney Favourites'. Tears blurred her vision. This belonged to Hyde. She remembered when Tom found it and had remarked that no wonder he was bullied at school if his dark side liked Mary Poppins.

Brushing away the tears with the back of her hand, Katherine looked around for her phone, which was sitting on the coffee table. Flipping the phone lid, she pressed speed dial 1 and got Tom's voicemail.

"Hello Dr Jac-Tom, this is Katherine. I was looking through a box of things from the flat and found the Disney CD of Junior's. I could drop it around if you would like, let me know a good time. Bye."

Hanging up, Katherine went to the kitchen to get a tissue, leaving the phone on the floor. She wiped away the tears, eyes closed to stop more from escaping. Looking to find the bin, Katherine stopped.

Where her kitchen had been, there was a sandy white beach. Where her kitchen window had been, there was the ocean. Turning around, she saw that where her living room had been, there was palm trees.
frown floopy hair
For a moment Peter wasn't aware of anything but the beeping of a heart monitor. He wasn't even quite aware that that was what he could here. Just the knowledge that there was a beeping breaking into the darkness that surrounded him, and it was a noise he had heard before.

Then the pain came, and Peter just wanted to go back into the comforting darkness, to where he couldn't be aware of the world around him. Why would he wanted to be conscious if all there was, was pain?

It was so much easier just to stay ignorant. Ignorance really was bliss.

After a moment Peter was filled with confusion, and a sense he'd been here before, and not that long ago. Maybe he was still in the hospital, still sick with whatever he had caught. Maybe it hadn't been the fault of mosquitoes, and maybe he hadn't been cured.

Maybe he was dying.

Again he wondered why he would want to have that knowledge. If he was dying, wasn't it better not to know? He had been in pain numerous times before. He'd even died.

It was better not knowing. Not knowing that he was going to lose his brother again. Not knowing that he would lose someone else he loved in Chase.

For a moment the pain ebbed enough for Peter's mind to make one important connection. He did love Chase.

Maybe being aware of that particular part of life wasn't so bad. Maybe taking the pain so he could see Chase again would be worth it. Maybe if he just opened his eyes, he'd be rewarded.

Peter's eyes opened in slits, the harsh light of the room making him hiss in protest. When had everything become so bright? Blurred figures danced in front of him, and he had trouble focusing. "Ch..." The word wouldn't form, and Peter scrunched up his face in frustration. "Chrob..." he tried again.

[ooc: okay, so not exactly played out in real time, but this would be a follow on from the plot started oh so long ago. i hate life, i hate my job... enjoy!]
15th-Nov-2009 11:20 am - [OTA] Delusion lapsed
Smirk [Look up]
When the days turned into weeks on the island, Matt realised that maybe being deluded was a waste of time. It seemed the stories everyone had told him were ringing true, and he was always one to operate on hard facts or evidence. Evidence was, he was still here and he was more than fed up with the interior of his resort room. Time to get out and face the music.

Still, he was a Londoner. First, his skin wasn't coping well with the harsh island sunlight, so when he went out, he had to carry the strongest sunscreen he could get his hands on. It still wasn't appealing for him to go and lie on the beach to fry like a breakfast sausage. The island definitely didn't just offer the beach as entertainment, though. There really was something for everyone. He visited the museum and the mall, then ate some lunch at an Indian restaurant on Beach Street. He had to admit, it was one of the best curries he'd had in a long time, and he didn't even need to be sloshed to enjoy it.

He was now standing in front of the resort notice board by the pool, reading over advertisements for the various businesses and entertainment options trying to decide where to head next. He could take one of this island tours, but he wasn't sure tagging along with a large group of people was his style, and it was unlikely he would have the attention span for it anyway. He spotted an advert for the tattoo parlour within the resort and raised his eyebrows curiously. Tattoos weren't ever something he had an interest in before, he was hardly the rebellious sort. But wasn't that the point of the island? He chuckled to himself, shaking his head. Maybe another day.
28th-Oct-2009 07:01 am - [CLOSED TO HOUSE] Breaching the gap
Profile [Black]
Cuddy stood at the closed door of House's resort room. Her fingers curled uncertainly around the hem of her business jacket as she glanced up the hall, wondering whether she should knock or not. The gift had been a shock, and anonymous. Cuddy wanted it to be House, but she didn't know if that was his style or not. It could be that cop, who, granted, was sweet and friendly. Cuddy could easily date him. But not while House was lingering in her mind. She couldn't tell what they were doing, if they were dancing around each other or if it was just another power-play. Either way, it led her to his door. It wouldn't hurt to just ask if it was from him, would it?

The only thing was, she wasn't sure she wa prepared for what would happen if he said yes. What if he said yes? What did that mean? He had never really offered any sort of romantic gesture to her in the past. She really, really wanted to just take it on the face of it and hope maybe he was feeling the same sort of things she was. Just with House, nothing was ever black and white and everything always felt so uncertain.

She bit briefly on her lower lip and then gave a succinct knock at his door. Knowing her luck, he probably wouldn't even be in there.
24th-Oct-2009 06:59 pm - Out for A Stroll - OTA
Hart Capt John Hart
A few days after settling into his room (across from Jack's!), Captain John is out on a nice little stroll (don't worry fellow islanders, he's fully clothed today).

Apparently he has to find a job on this place - which is pretty much the only downside - so he's out for a look. Jack said something about a strip club, but a bar might be just as good. Especially if free booze is involved!

But hey if anyone has any career suggestions he's happy to take them.
22nd-Oct-2009 09:25 pm - [OTA] It must've been love...
It was just on dusk and the approaching evening found Amber sitting alone on the beach in the wake of watching the sun dip to the horizon and set peacefully after it's performance of the eclipse earlier. There were still people walking along the beach and milling around, so she wasn't quite in solitude, but it was still peaceful.

The day had been weird and one that left her feeling like a dead chick in limbo all over again. Those days happened sometimes, sneaking up on her subconscious and unnverving her before she realised what was happened. Admittedly, she hadn't really given much thought that Thirteen would turn up. Sure, there was no love lost between them, but they hadn't been friends. Amber just didn't contemplate it... until Thirteen was standing there on the beach in front of her. Every time someone from PPTH turned up, it reminded Amber bluntly that she was dead and stuck here. Also, that she was kind of lonely. Back home, she left a wonderful a relationship and then finds herself landing on the island and learning she was dead. Wilson was right there, but she missed him. He was still the Wilson she fell in love with, but his trauma of living through her death left him barely able to look her in the eye. She didn't blame him. It was just hard from her perspective. She had to steer clear because the last thing she wanted to do was hurt him more than he already had been.

At least here she was alive, and in a beautiful place. She could still be the cutthroat bitch everyone thought she was when she wanted to be, but that didn't mean she had to really enjoy the solitude and isolation, because she didn't. She would have given anything to go back to the point she came from... if she didn't end up six feet under just a few short months later.
21st-Oct-2009 05:27 pm - [OTA] Total eclipse of the bullshit
Shooting [Ani]
Wesley had no interest in the eclipse. He had never been particularly in touch with nature and he wasn't about to start now. The only reason he was now sitting on the end of the wharf with an untouched fishing rod and a bucket of bait was because he was maybe slightly apprehensive that the crazy bait dude would murder him in his sleep if he didn't buy something off him. That nut job could put the wind up the toughest bastard, seriously.

Despite being here for what felt like ages now, Wesley still hadn't much settled on the island. He couldn't bring himself to like it or enjoy it very much, but it was definitely a far cry from the monotonous desk job back home. He didn't miss that at-fucking-all and it was that mindset helping him appreciate the island. But you could appreciate without liking, right?

He picked up a dead prawn from the bucket between his thumb and forefinger and flicked it into the water and it hit the surface with a dull plop. He scrunched up his nose at the dead fish smell and looked at the fishing rod again. Nope. He would rather belt someone int he head with it than fish with it. Only, on the island, there wasn't much call for an assassin, really.
19th-Oct-2009 12:16 am - [OTA] Later That Night [tag Faith]
Sitting on Stairs
Wesley sipped his scotch and wondered why he was here. He took another sip. Oh, yes, Faith had threatened to kick his arse if he didn't get out of his room. He didn't see anything wrong with his room, or with how he had been spending his vacation, but obviously Faith did, and he didn't feel like going three rounds with her just to prove his point. Besides, he would loose.

It wasn't that Wesley wasn't enjoying the sun and his quiet job at the library. For the first time he had time just to read and think, time to play with magic in his room, time and money to get very drunk all by himself, time enough to fall asleep on a Saturday night and wake up at noon on Sunday . . . but it all made him feel useless. He'd been trained from birth to do a job. Even if he wasn't a Watcher any longer, shouldn't he still be taking every opportunity to fight evil? He didn't understand the point of this vacation.

Well, whatever the point, here he was, at the bar, as Faith requested. Hopefully this would just be a one-time thing.
18th-Oct-2009 07:22 pm - Arrival OTA
No, no, no, this wasn't right at all.

Captain John Hart (note the sarcasm) looks around in surprise. After a couple of months wandering the 21st century, trying to figure out what the Hell Jack saw in the place (aside from the gorgeous people – who could really be found any time) and being unable to he had figured it was time to move on. He'd been aiming for the nearest space port to the Lotus Nebula, but here he was on some sort of...island.

It was an all right looking island though! Tropical for one thing, beaches, palms, turquoise water, probably even a couple of dolphins out there...

"Niiiice," John drawls taking another slower look around, it was absolutely gorgeous! Not quite the Lotus Nebula, but it certainly looked as if it could throw out 17 simultaneous pleasures if you knew the right place to look and the right thing to say.

Grinning broadly, John pulls back his right sleeve to look at his wrist strap, find out exactly where he is and then stops short, blinking...horrified. It's gone, his wrist strap is gone! "Fuck," he gasps and looks around desperately. He even gets down on his knees and starts digging through the white sand, but it’s definitely gone. "Fuuuck," John groans and flops onto his back staring up at the clear blue sky. “Typical.”

After a few moments he opens his eyes again, well on the plus side, if he had to get stuck somewhere in time and space this was as good a place as any. Better in fact, he could have been completely screwed over ending up in the Dark Ages or something.

Jumping back up John starts swaggering down the beach, there damn well better be other people on this island, otherwise the Dark Ages might have been way more promising after all – sure he’d probably end up being stoned to death or burnt or something, but at least he’d have some human company beforehand.

But Captain John Hart is ever the optimist and calls out. “Helloooo? Gorgeous people? Anyone up for a shag? Or a drink? I’m not picky!”
18th-Oct-2009 01:24 pm - S.O.S [Closed to Chase]
[OOC: Okay, so I had a brain fart in regards to the plot and needed to take the last post down... I blame overworking.]

Truth was Elle wasn't used to being in the position where she needed help. She was supposed to be tough, and strong, and independent just like Daddy wanted. She was the bad girl, not the victim. The sociopath, not the damsel in distress.

The tears streaming down her cheeks said otherwise. The eclipse was still happened, but Elle had her back to the sun, not daring to look up without her sunglasses on. She needed help. She'd tried to use her phone, but the thing had melted in her hand when she'd accidentally zapped it.

Her body was still riddled with uncontrollable shocks, and Peter was still prone on the sand, not moving except when he convulsed.

She'd had to leave him there to get help, the second she touched him meaning more electricity shot into him, and Elle didn't actually want him dead contrary to what anyone believed. She knew his boyfriend worked at the med centre, the blond man a doctor or something.

He could help, right? She just hated the idea of telling him what had happened. She knew who he'd blamed, and it hadn't even been her fault! She had no idea what was happening to her. How would she have known she'd hurt Peter?

She wrapped her arms tightly around her small frame, and entered the emergency room. The lights flickered on and off around her, and she cringed. If she stayed much longer she'd probably wind up interfering with all the medical equipment. "Hey, you! Little Miss Candy Striper," she said to a passing girl. "Can you just go get Dr Chase? Tell him I'll be waiting outside. It's important."
17th-Oct-2009 08:26 pm - How Does It Feel [Closed]
frown floopy hair
[OOC: Elle [raisedbycompany] is also mine, hence a closed scene between these two. This kicks off a new plot about to be played out with permission from the mods.]

Peter remembered the announcement about the eclipse, making sure he had his sunglasses whenever he was outside. It was never advised to watch an eclipse without protection, so Peter did the best he could. There were kids with their parents watching it through shoeboxes, couples resting on towels while watching it hand in hand. Chase was working, so Peter hadn’t been able to drag him down to the beach. He wasn’t even sure why he was here other than that the last time he’d seen an eclipse his life had changed forever. He was so intent on the eclipse that he was oblivious to the petite blonde standing nearby, her eyes on him, and not the strange event occurring.

Peter ran his fingers through his hair, his thoughts going to Nathan.Collapse )
Pressed lips [Skeptical]
Since arriving on the island, Wilson had pretty much just fallen into his typical workaholic ways at the Medical Centre. He was glad the small hospital was actually large enough to keep everyone busy and it was surprising how many cancer patients Wilson had already collected. It seems a lot of people need an escape following a cancer diagnosis and the island had brought them here. He also had a few remission patients that still needed regular check ups to make sure no relapse was on the horizon. That, along with taking shifts in the drop-in clinic kept his hours almost on par to what he had been putting in at Princeton Plainsboro.

Until Chase told him to take a few days off.

Chase, apparently, was all for the island concept and told Wilson if he came here for an escape - a break - he should take one, even for just a few days. Wilson had tried to debate his point that he was fine, and he really was, but still submitted to Chase's wishes and now found himself standing at the outdoor bar near the island's pool ordering a cocktail he didn't even think he pronounced properly. He was dressed in a gaudy Hawaiian shirt, loud board shorts and flip flops, trying to get into the island feel.

It wasn't working.

In fact, he just felt like a super dork standing there awkwardly. In his attempt at trying to look the part, he had probably just failed miserably. He was well out of his comfort zone and alcohol seemed like a very good idea.
4th-Oct-2009 08:19 pm - [Closed to Sirius] Mischief managed
James Potter
James sat in the resort lobby waiting for Sirius. There was a cluster of sofas off in one corner partially closed off from the rest of the seating. He figured this was a bit better than the pub but when Sirius arrived they'd decide where to go. Their first meeting of sorts was cut short so Sirius suggested meeting another day. Was more than a bit of a shock for both of them the first time they got a proper look at each other. James knew Sirius was a fair few years older than he because of the gray in his hair and the fact he had died in Harry's fifth year. James twirled his wand between his fingers, a habit he had picked up from Sirius while they were at school. A mischievous grin spread across James' face as his mind drifted back to his school days, the time of the Marauders.
slayer (s5)
For once Buffy approved of something the island threw her way. She stood in the balcony area of the night club, leaning on the safety railing as she looked down at the crowd. It was better than the Bronze, and apparently this place was hers now. She wasn't sure about the name, but if she was going to be associated with anything Bond she was glad it wasn't Pussy Galore.

Buffy could feel herself smiling properly for the first time in ages since she'd got here. She pushed off the railing and made her way back down the stairs to enjoy one of the perks of her new business. She'd started to dance, but stopped when she bumped into someone.

"Sorry! Sorry, are you okay?" So maybe she had awesome Slayer reflexes, but occasionally she was still just a clutz.
4th-Oct-2009 12:14 pm - [OPEN] The (Tenth) Doctor's Arrival!

The Doctor walked slowly into his TARDIS, solemn, mud and soot covering his entire body. He started up the ship without his usual vigor before slumping into the captain’s chair and running a hand through his hair. It had been horrible, and as much as he wanted to block it from his mind, he couldn’t. The sight of people jumping out of the burning buildings, the screams and cries of children as their parents were slaughtered in front of them, the stench of charred flesh clinging in his nose. It had been genocide, and he had been unable to stop it.

He finally picked himself up, pulling off his suit and throwing it in the cleaner before stepping into his shower. The water was scalding, even to him, and he scrubbed hard at his skin, as if the memories would shed off like dead skin. The shower shelf was littered with half-empty bottles that were not his own; peppermint shampoo, vanilla body scrub, and some conditioner that advertised its hydrating effects and safety on color treated hair. He knew he would have to get rid of it eventually, but even after a year the thought still felt like betrayal to her.

Later that evening he lay in bed, staring at the ceiling with his glasses on and his book abandoned. The TARDIS felt so quiet and empty, a feeling he still couldn’t get over. He felt like going somewhere, anywhere where he wouldn’t be stuck with his thoughts, but his limbs were heavy, forbidding movement. He knew in his hearts that it’d just be the same. He’d rush in, run for his life, save the universe, but at the end of the day he’d still come home to a quiet ship, alone.

“I don’t know how much longer I can do this,” he whispered to the empty room.

Suddenly, everything vanished, and he bombarded by light and heat. A hand flew over his eyes, shielding himself while they tried to adjust to the blinding sun. Instead of his bed, he realized, he was lying on something grainy…He scooped up a handful. Sand?  He sat up, confused, just as the edge of the surf gently rose up to meet him, soaking the legs of his pants and his canvas shoes. He scrambled up and away, spinning around, his mouth gaping open. It was beautiful, the beach and the blue sky, the palm trees, the gentle breeze tousling his hair. But where was it? He’d seen a thousand beaches, but none like this.

“…but…how?” he managed to get out, hands frantically pulling at hair. It must be a dream, he thought. He clichéd his eyes shut, willing himself to wake up, but when his eyes opened the beach was still there. He kicked the sand, sputtering as it blew back into his face until he finally plopped down in defeat.

“Where am I?” 

[ooc: I divert from cannon a bit. This is after Doomsday but before meeting Martha. I pretend that he stayed alone for a while.]
4th-Oct-2009 01:32 pm - [OTA] Where there's a will
Pointing [Grin]
Jason never really expected the island to have a Quad Rugby team, but he did miss the sport. In fact, he had only come across one other person in a wheelchair, and she was a nice elderly lady who liked to knit and call him 'sweetie'... not really the Quad Rugby sort. Still, Jason needed to be active and when he discovered the basketball court at the resort, he figured why the hell not. Quad Basketball hadn't been something he dabbled in back home, but there was a team in Austin. He just enjoyed the impact of the Rugby much better. But the island was about making the most, so he bought a basketball from the sports store at the mall and each day started spending some time on the basketball court when it wasn't in use, teaching himself Quad Basketball. It was a good workout, and a fun way to stay active like he always had a thirst for.

He was sweaty and a little sunburnt, but was enjoying himself nonetheless. He launched the basketball at he hoop, slamming it through with ease, and then spun his chair around in a circle of victory, holding his hand up in the air with a silent cheer. He missed having people to play with, though. Still, better than nothing and more fun than walking on the beach, which was off the menu anyway.
2nd-Oct-2009 09:34 am - I love the nightlife... [OTA]
Somewhere along the way Maxxie had lost his shirt. He was covered in sweat, his breath coming out in pants as the driving beats just made him dance harder. He'd spent all day at the dance studio teaching little old ladies to waltz, so now it was just time to let his hair down. He hadn't wanted to think about why there were little old ladies on the island to begin with. Either they were island natives, or people that had genuinely been stuck here that long.

Or the elderly had just as many problems and bad days as the rest of them.

A body pressed up against his, and Maxxie smirked as he turned to face them, dancing up against them. He was grateful every day that Brian and his Aquatic Chaos club had come along. His existence might have been very boring otherwise. Maxxie pulled away before the bloke could get too familiar, and worked his way through the gyrating bodies towards the bar so he could grab some water.
Serious [Talk]
Matt looked up and watched a seagull flying over his head with the backdrop of a crisp, cloudless blue sky. His mouth was hanging open slightly as he followed the bird and then his blue eyes landed on... was that a coconut tree? And why was it day and not night like it was a minute ago? He was rugged up in winter clothing, a long thick coat and woollen scarf completing the ensemble and he suddenly felt like he was burning up. He tried to peel the scarf off, getting tangled up in it and cursing colourfully under his breath. This wasn’t even funny. After his week, the last thing he needed to be doing was having weird dreams keeping him awake. He needed sleep after working Alesha’s case had haunted him and stolen sleep off him for days. Sure, he had been cursing the weather what only felt like seconds before, but what was up when he couldn’t even remember going home and falling asleep? He wasn’t drunk. There was entirely too much lack of giggling and singing for him to be drunk.

Cut for length and Law & Order UK spoilers...Collapse )

[ooc: This is Detective Sergeant Matt Devlin from the British TV series Law & Order UK. This is a new series, so there is only limited canon so far. Matt comes from the end of episode 1x07 "Alesha" and his entry contains a lot of spoilers for the outcome of the episode.]
29th-Sep-2009 09:02 am - [OTA] When in doubt... drink.
Pink ties are manly
Nathan had only kind of settled into a room, although he was intent on finding something a bit larger to live in. He was used to space. And yes, he was spoiled. But he never tried to pretend that he wasn't. As it was, he had run out of his own stash of whiskey.

So now he sat at a bar in town, a tall glass of whiskey sitting on the bar before him. And at the moment he was seriously considering purchasing a cigar. It was rare that he indulged in cigars but he felt like the current situation called for one. He was stuck alone in paradise with not a whole lot to do. His brother was seeing some guy. And Nathan still had yet to find the person who ran this place.

He wore his suit, albeit without the necktie. The collar of his dress shirt hung open and still he idly fidgeted with it. Basically, he was currently at a loss and this was a state that Nathan was rarely in. It didn't suit him at all.
28th-Sep-2009 02:00 pm - [OTA] Fucked over and unemployed
Ron needed a job. Only problem was, there was no Ministry of Magic here, and working there since school was said and done had been all Ron really knew. There was very little magical anything here, although if you looked closely, the island did cater on some level for magical folk. He stood outside the resort, scratching at his unshaven chin as he read over the list of job vacancies. There wasn't a single thing on there that appealed to him. This sucked kneazle balls.

He snorted and then huffed out an irritated sigh. He needed something, though. Something to keep his mind off planting itself unwaveringly on Harry and Hermione in bed together, and then Harry bollocking Draco. It was like someone had lit a fire under his arse and just made him angry. Technically, he did know neither of them had done anything wrong because he and Hermione broke up ages ago. But it was the principle of it. Harry should know you never fuck your best mate's ex. It was like rule of law or something, written in stone generations and generations ago. It was gospel.

Going back to the start of the list with a frown furrowing his brow and a snall sneer scrunching his nose up, Ron was determined to find a decent job. Really, anything had to be better than the paper shuffling he had mostly been doing back home in the Quidditch off-season.
27th-Sep-2009 09:33 am - Happy Hour [OTA]
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Rogue could get used to the Cocktail Bar, she decided. It was the break she needed from Remy's strip club, letting her dress seductively without actually having to take any of it off. She also didn't have to worry about guys drooling over their one dollar bills before tucking them into her garter. There was the occasional pinch on the ass, but she just shot them a glare and that was the end of it.

The wedding ring now on her finger also helped, and Rogue knew she could flirt safely without guys getting their boxers in a knot when there was no follow through. Most people on the island knew about her and Remy's relationship, open, broken up, or otherwise.

It was still strange to think she had a husband, but she wouldn't change it. She'd committed to him a long time ago even if she'd never known it. Rogue picked up the next tray of drinks, and started to weave her way through the crowd to serve them. Despite the number of bars on the island somehow there always seemed to be enough people to fill the joints when happy hour came.
26th-Sep-2009 11:04 pm - [OTA] I love the nightlife
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Sam decided he really liked the island. After everything with Dean going to Hell and then coming back, and the freaky demon shit with Ruby he was trying to learn, he really did need a damn break. And what better place to do it? The resort was awesome, the beach was at their fingertips and there was some really hot chicks around that Sam had maybe indulged in for a night or two since arriving. He had pretty much scoped the place out by now, and had been meaning to come to the nightclub to see what it had to offer.

So, tonight was the night. He couldn't remember the last time he went to a nightclub and just had fun with some drinking and dancing. Probably when he was in college, and actually intending to stay there before Dean convinced him otherwise. The club was awesome, and he had spent a good couple of hours dancing with different chicks on the dancefloor, getting hot and sweaty, and just letting his hair down. He ended the current dance with a girl whose name he didn't even get, giving her a small kiss on the cheek and flashing her a smile. He broke away from the pulsing crowd to head for the bar for another. He might be a bit on the tipsy side, but so what? It was better than spending another night with Dean in their room watching re-runs of eighties sitcoms and boozing from the mini-bar. This was definitely a life Sam could get used to.
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